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Hi! and welcome to Travel Free RV! traveling and exploring new places is a passion of mine and I am so excited to share this way of life with YOU! at this site you will learn how to gain your freedom to travel without breaking the bank, I have gathered useful resources here that I have used to make travel more affordable and fun. I hope this site will help inspire you and make things easier for you to get into travel. One of the biggest misconceptions about traveling is that its expensive, I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be!

The adventure starts

Back in early 2015 my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to travel, see the country while we were still young, not wait until were retired and too old to have the energy to go on epic mountain hikes. We weren’t sure how to do this, us both being 22 years old and having no money saved.

We came up with a plan to save money, cut back on going out to eat and wasting money on other things, we got cozy and had three roommates in a big house with cheap rent and did a lot of working and saving! our plan was to buy a used RV, so we searched Craiglist every day for months until we found a 28-foot 5th wheel in great condition for $2,000. We made it home, doing the floors and walls, we installed solar panels so we wouldn’t have to go to RV parks for power and we could boondock for days in the forest, the RV was ready.

Next we needed a truck to pull it, again Craiglist every day for months, then we found it, a 1993 Ford f250 Diesel for $4,000. We were set. In all it took a year of working overtime and saving but we were finally ready to leave our Kansas town with about $20,000 in savings for the trip!

In October 2016, we hit the road! we explored Colorado, new Mexico, staying in forests, canyons, lakes and riversides, and cities too, all rent free, never once paying for a camp or parking. In beautiful Arizona we stayed for the winter, then California, seeing national forests and all up the coast, beaches and mountain hikes and more beaches! We explored beautiful green Oregon then headed back to San Francisco to work for the winter and save more money while exploring the Bay area. Again with free urban boondocking all winter.

This lifestyle can be for anyone! including you! With some hard work and motivation you can gain your freedom to travel!

Join me on the road!

I made this site to help people gain their freedom to travel, I’ve had so many people ask me “how do you do it? I wish I could quit my job and travel!” well you can! I absoslutely love this lifesytle and want to share it with everyone! we all deserve to see this beautiful world and not feel trapped somewhere.

I’ve put together resources on this site to help travelers like us, products that help with the travel lifestyle. Ideas and resources for alternative work while traveling.

Please, if you have any questions or just want to talk to me, Feel free to comment, Id love to answer any questions or chat. Hope to see you on the road!

Thanks for reading! Much Love – Lance


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