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Being able to travel and have enough free time to explore, hike or do what we love usually means we have to find cheaper ways to live. Unless of course, you happen to have plenty of money already, for the majority of us, cheap RV living is a great option to get the most of what we love out of life.

Less is More! (and more money)

The first thing we can do to save money is spend less of it! don’t buy extra stuff you don’t truly need. “If you don’t use it, lose it.” The more stuff we have, the more complicated life seems to be and all these things seem to demand more time from us. Just getting rid of extra material things that aren’t essential, things that we don’t truly need or love can have a very powerful effect on us, and our wallets! When we strip away all the extras we don’t need and are only surrounded by what we love, we in turn tend to spend more time doing/using these things we love!

Clutter creates stress and distraction. More cleaning, more organizing, the more clothes you have the more time is wasted figuring out what to wear! Free yourself from unnecessary stuff and feel a huge relief!

LESS FOOD. This is a huge area that can save a ton of money and save space. Most of the food people buy are not truly serving them. Get back to the essentials, If it doesn’t nourish you, don’t buy it! Stuff like Oreos, Doritos, Soda etc. These are costly things that are only making you feel worse and unhealthy in the long run. Most simple whole foods like vegetables and fruits, rices, potatoes etc, are much cheaper than the junk food, And much better for you!

No more Rent!

People spend way too much money on just a place to live! Even people traveling spend a fortune on RV parks, camp grounds and hotels. Some people prefer nice campgrounds but it’s definitely not at all necessary. You can live your life traveling in your RV/van or car and never pay for rent again.

I’ve lived in a RV for two years and never once paid for camping or parking! I have a whole article on this topic right here

Free Waste tank dumping!

All RVs have waste tanks that need dumping. Many van conversions also have waste tanks, or at least gray tanks and yes, even the gray tanks need to be emptied in the appropriate place!

Many people seem to think it’s OK to empty their gray tanks anywhere, please don’t do this. The only way this is acceptable is if you are using all environment friendly soaps, for showering and dishes then it may be acceptable.

You can find dump stations everywhere, most are $5 or $10, some even up to $20 in bigger cities. However, there is a good number of FREE stations too! If you often check and do your timing right you can get them free most of the time. There is usually one free place in or around most cities. In my experience I would say I used free stations 80% of the time. The best resource for finding all types of stations everywhere is this website here. I have found that the built in map view is the easiest way to find stations. This is just another step in cheap RV living!

Save money on Gas!

Gas money is one of the main expenses on the road, at least it was for me! With proper planning and timing and by making sure you are finding the cheapest prices on gas you can save a lot of money.

The best thing for finding the cheapest gas station around is Gasbuddy! there is also an app for ease of use, I use the app all the time, even if I’m not low on gas, Its good to see and plan ahead when and where you will be getting gas.

Finding cheap gas can make a huge difference in the long run!

Go Solar!

Installing solar panels on your rig is a no-brainer. The initial cost of the panels will pay themselves off in the first year, compared to traditional power bills or relying on a generator! I have a section on solar panels along with my recommendations here!

Using these methods you will surely save you money out there on the road! Be smart about prices when shopping, don’t buy extra things you don’t love or need, make it a life style habit and you’ll be SAVING money before you know it without even trying! If you love to travel and explore, make that your priority! The best things in life truly are free!


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Thanks for reading! Happy Travels!





14 thoughts on “Cheap RV Living

  1. I love this site
    I want an RV – I love the thought of travelling and writing and seeing my beautiful country and this is the way to go for sure
    Thank you for such great information and
    Stay free and enjoy

    1. Lance

      Get one! you wont be sorry πŸ™‚
      Thanks for reading Vicki, hope to see you on the road friend!

  2. This was a very interesting read. I always enjoy reading up on other ways of saving money or trying to get the best out of life. I think you may be onto a lot of great stuff here! Thank you so much for the awesome read.

    1. Lance

      Thanks for reading Aj! πŸ™‚

  3. This is a very great article . I am very glad to came across it. All the information are very valuable to me . Keep it up with the great job that you are doing.
    Thank you

    1. Lance

      Hey thanks Hemant!

  4. I would like to do this. When I get an RV and no longer tethered to the desk. And drive to warmer places during the Winter. Wow, I would never have to experience winter if I don’t want to.

    1. Lance

      Hey Tina, that is one of the main attractions to mobile life for me and many others! I’ve spent the last two winters in Arizona and California. never more then a light jacket! life is good!

  5. Kay Dee

    Solar is a great idea! I have an XJ jeep with enough room for modification into an all purpose RV. I’m wondering if adding Solar comes with any legal restrictions/safety standards on a vehicle?

    1. Lance

      Hi Kay, as far as I know there are no legal or safety standards when adding solar mods. So far at least, I’ve seen some crazy solar mods on all kinds of vehicles! Solar panels are cheaper then ever. I’d say go for it friend! My next post is going to be all about Solar so check back if you want!

  6. Yes, get rid of the clutter. And as a wise friend of mine once said, “Every dollar you don’t spend, you don’t have to earn.” I’ve lived on the road for 7 years without having to endure a winter.

    1. Lance

      Again, Thanks for reading Wiebren! great advice. Winter-less travel is amazing isn’t it?

  7. Hey Lance,
    Great Article!

    We have “RV’d” for years – tents, pop-up-tents, van campers, and even a small RV. There are so many places you can do dispersed camping and save the costs!

    We’re retired now and looking at retiring to a small RV – probably a van camper.

    On the solor panels, do you have to take them off when you travel? If yes, how hard are they to take off & put back on?

    I’m going to read your article on living in an RV for 2 years, but wanted to comment on this one first!

    Thanks for a great read. Lots of good information.

    1. Lance

      Thanks for the question JoAnn!
      The panels are on permanently and you can drive with them, and they hold up in all kinds of weather!
      There are also panels that you take out only when parked, they are connected to your batteries on a long cord and can be very useful if you want to park in shade and move the panels out in the sun and still bring in power. I haven’t used one of these but I am considering it for my next rig!
      Thanks for reading friend!

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