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Free camping, goodbye rent!

Contrary to what many people believe, traveling and living in a RV can be very cheap! You can travel across America and even save money while doing it. Here, I have compiled a list of resources that will help you save money on your adventure. In the two years that I have been living and traveling in my RV I have never once paid for a campsite! Here’s some ideas that can help you do the same and find free camping.

  • BLM lands/national forests

    The most ideal, picture perfect camping! Many times you can find secluded beautiful spots and  you can stay at these BLM lands (Bureau of Land Management)  for up to 14 days at a time. You can also stay at almost any national forest land, usually for 14 days at a time as long as you follow some rules. They have to be off main roads, at a distance from a body of water and as long are no signs saying otherwise you can stay!

    I’ve found many of these beautiful spots using this site alone, For more information and finding more BLM areas visit this site,

  • Free Walmart camping

    Maybe not glamours, but staying the night at a Walmart has many uses. Usually conveniently located in the middle of a city you want to explore, and if you ever need something fast, Walmart has it right inside. Just don’t pop out your awning or bring out the chairs or grill, and it’s a good idea to buy at least one thing from the Walmart you’re staying at! Not all Walmarts allow this, in my experience, around  75% do, generally less as you get closer to the coast. Here is a great site to check what Walmarts generally allow overnight stays

    Allstays Walmart.

  • Big outdoor stores/home improvement

    Similar to Walmart, many big stores like The Home Depot, K mart, Cabelas, etc, will allow overnight stays. If there’s other RVs there it’s usually a good sign. Come late and leave early at these places, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve day camped at a local park or trail head, then around 10 pm, once the park closes move over to one of these stores for the night. Just be smart about it!

Camp at Truck Stops and Rest Stops

Truck stops can be noisy but you can always stay at these for free, Rest stops are usually nicer and usually not in town but still a great option for free stays. These places are easy to find, as they are usually right off the high way and signs are all over.

  • Workamping

    Work camping is another great option, you usually get a great camp site in a RV park, you work at the park or something similar and get free parking in exchange. Sometimes this is also a paid job on top of the free camping! You can find open positions and apply here:  Workkampingjobs.

  • Get Creative!

There are many other spots you can stay for free, as long as the city doesn’t have a policy against street parking overnight you can stay right in town on streets. Avoid parking in front of  houses though, as many people will find that rude, or at the very least, make it a brief stay!

  A better option, find a little undeveloped area of town or a nice dirt road right outside of town and you’re set! Attempt this at your own risk and do your research for local parking laws, the worst that has ever happened to me is police have (nicely) asked me to move. I’ve never gotten any kind of parking ticket.

The options for RVing free are endless! so get out there, no need to pay for campsites, unless you want too!





Thanks for reading! This Article will be updated soon! Got a question? leave a comment below!

Happy camping!




18 thoughts on “Find Free Camping

  1. Hi Lance… you present some interesting and creative ideas about where you can stay for free. I didn’t realize that some of these stores allowed overnight stays. Sounds like you guys have had a wonderful time camping and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Thanks for sharing “some” of the things you’ve learned. I’m sure you have a lot more to share! 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment Colleen, We have had many adventures on the road and I’m excited to share more and help anyone that wants to live this way!

  2. Carole

    Hi Lance, pretty interesting article you have here. I didn’t know Walmart allows people to park their RV in the parking lot. Good to know. Thanks for sharing!

    1. admin

      Hi Carole, I didn’t know that either, until I got a RV and started noticing them parked in the back of Walmart parking lots all across the country!
      The story I’ve heard is that Sam Walton was a big lover of camping and RVs and was glad to allow tired drivers a free place to stay for the night!

  3. This is great! My family loves camping! This article will be very helpful. When we go camping, especially the ones that are too far, we tend to stay overnight at one place. We always look a certain spot which is free. Thanks for sharing!

  4. AWESOME!! These tips are awesome man, thanks for sharing.

    I don’t have my own RV, but I have some friends that participate in a kind of AirBnB for RV’s, and I was thinking about borrowing one. I’m also a major freeloader, and these opportunities sound really useful. I’m going to bookmark this page for sure.

    1. Lance

      Thanks for reading Jordan! 🙂 Love the idea of AirBnB for RV’s, that awesome! Ill have more content up soon. Get out there friend and happy camping!

  5. Thanks for the article. We have sometimes parked outside apartment buildings for a night as nobody knows their neighbors anyway. In Australia we have an app called Wikicamps, very useful.

    1. Lance

      Yes, good point, apartment buildings and hotel parking lots are usually a good spot as well, if you can get in the lot that is. I’ve stayed at a few for sure. Thanks Wiebren!

  6. Thanks, Lance! Another great article.

    I love BLM camping. Being out in the trees and quiet.

    Do Walmart’s still let you camp in their parking lots? I had heard that was a thing of the past. I don’t want to stay in town if I can be somewhere remote and beautiful, but sometimes town is a necessary.

    Thanks for all the good ideas.

    1. Lance

      Hey JoAnn! BLM is the best, so thankful for it.
      Yeah a lot of Walmarts still allow it, It is becoming less and less unfortunately. For many of them its kind of a grey area.

  7. Hi Lance,

    What a very interesting and informative article. I have always enjoyed camping and would love to travel the world one day.
    The ideas you have provided are a very innovative way to save money and enjoy your adventure without any hassle at all.
    I look forward to more articles like this!


  8. Wow! I had no idea you could park for free at most of the places you listed. That’s crazy! I was considering an rv last year as a permanent “apartment” but I was turned off by the high price of the parks around the area I live in. It was just as much as what I was paying for rent for my apartment! I really like that the National Forests offer free parking-how beautiful would that be?! Thanks for providing the resources for me to look this up. I may just look back into my rv dream again!

    1. Lance

      Glad I could help out Jennifer! It’s true the RV parks are very expensive. You can definitely get by with completely free parking, I’ve done it for 2 years! The money I’ve saved not paying rent feels really good!
      Hope to see you out on the road one day!

  9. Hey Lance, This is a very interesting article. We’ve always wanted to travel in a camper. Now that I’m retired I just might think about it. I’m shaking my head because Walmart? I never thought you could stay overnight at Walmart! Even if that fizzles out, you’ve got a great list of places for campers. thanks for some great tips! 🙂

    1. Lance

      Haha, people don’t realize there’s always one or two RV’s parked in the far parts of the parking lot. Until you get a RV yourself, you start noticing RV’s all over the place.
      RV travel is great, I absolutely love it, give it a try!
      Thanks for reading!

  10. Dylan

    Great article here! stumbled on this site while doing more research on others living in RVs fulltime! I use most of this methods to find free parking also!

    1. Lance

      Thanks for reading friend! Happy to have you on my site!

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