Full time Living in a RV

Really want to start full time traveling and living in a RV? It’s personally my favorite way to travel (of course) but it has certain cons and is probably not the best option for everyone. Having said that I believe most people can do it, many think they can’t because of this or that, and there’s always another reason why you can’t do it. It’s much easier to find a reason not to do something, but sometimes we just have to throw caution to the wind, and just do it. You’ll never be completely “ready” to start traveling and full time living in a RV,(or van) but I promise you, you’ll figure it out as you go!

How can I sustain myself traveling?

By far the biggest issue, or reason people think full time travel is out of their reach is because they can’t imagine how they would “afford it”. We all do, unfortunately, need money to live, however, unlike what many people think, RV living can be one of the cheapest ways to live if you choose it to be. Even if you are staying at RV resorts most nights, this is still cheaper than most mortgages. You definitely don’t need to pay to park/camp though, In my 2 years of full time RVing I’ve actually never paid to camp, you can read more about that here.

Having a job that is done all on the internet and able to work from anywhere is probably the ideal way to sustain yourself, but there are other options. If you are going to be downsizing and living in a RV, you will likely need to sell a lot of stuff, maybe your house and extra vehicles as well? These savings for your travels can be spread out far and you could potentially not have to work your first year or longer of travel. Workkamping is a good option that allows you to park your RV somewhere for free and work for a while to get money than travel more. This can be done with regular jobs as well. Find an area you want to stay and explore for a few months, get a job there and stay and work until you have enough money and/or are ready to travel more.

There are many options for getting money, and that shouldn’t be a huge factor stopping you from the freedom of full time travel, you just have to find what works for you. If your committed to this lifestyle, you’ll make it happen. For a few more ideas’ here’s an article with some more information.

The RV Won’t Be Enough Space

Many people use this excuse, “I’d love to full time travel, but I could never get used to that small space” It’s true it may not work for everyone, but I really think most people can adjust to the space. Chances are you’re not going to be sitting inside your RV thinking about how cramped you are. You will be outside, enjoying the constant new sights, even if that’s just right outside your RV in your campsite, It’s always fresh and exciting.

However, choosing the right size RV is one of the biggest decision in this process, a small RV will give you more freedom to get places but you may be to crammed. A great huge RV and you may be limiting yourself much more than you think. I have an article about the pros and cons of the different RV types here, if you want to read more. Regardless the size of RV you get, it’s probably still going to be a much smaller space than your used to living in.

You are living in your RV to be outside, enjoy nature, explore new towns. If you don’t want to be outside most of your time and you don’t like small spaces, RV life may not be for you. On days when your stuck inside, maybe it’s raining and you are feeling cramped and cooped up, just remember it won’t last forever and soon you’ll be out enjoying nature again and it’ll feel worth it!

Also, once you realize you have everything you need in your small space and you need less material objects to live a happy life, you have fewer responsibilities, fewer things to take care of and feel more free. That can be very liberating. Another bonus, the small space will also be so much easier and faster to clean!

Won’t It Be Lonely ?

It will be hard, many months away from your family and friends no doubt. Probably just your significant other and you or maybe you by yourself can sound very lonely. That’s hardly the case however, Of course, it can be, if you choose it to be. Many people have found that out while traveling you meet many other travelers! The cool thing about travelers are, they are generally really nice and great people! If you have friends and family living across the country, your gonna be visiting. I have family spread all in California and Utah I spent a lot of time visiting. Hit up old friends and family when you’re passing by, you may be visiting more people than ever before! You also may get a free place to park your rig for a while!

You will meet new friends, many I’m sure, especially if you are staying at some RV parks. Even if you’re not, there are many online communities to meet other like-minded travelers. I’ve met many great people, at bars, coffee shops, events and festivals and most of the time just hiking!

If you do find yourself alone a lot, it might be a good thing. Being alone can have great benefits, you get more in touch with yourself and truly get to know yourself the best when your not surrounded by a lot of people. I think being alone is just as, if not more important than being with people and if your afraid of being alone, It probably means you should spend some more time with yourself.

What Will People Think ?

I was a bit worried to tell my family that I’d be living in an old RV, traveling the country with no real plans, since they know me they were not at all surprised. There will always be a few people that think your crazy and should get back into the “real world”. My mom asks every now and than when I’m going to “settle down”.

The majority of people will be excited and even jealous of your new lifestyle. You’ll have a lot more encouragement than you may think. Some family and friends may be offended that you would leave them, and make you feel bad for leaving. These people are just holding you back, don’t let what anyone says stop you from doing what you want!

You Can Do It!

So stop putting it off, yes plan and save if you need to but don’t put it off forever, it doesn’t have to be perfect when you leave. You will work on and perfect it as you go. There will always be another reason to stay. Face your fears, spread your wings birdie! There’s a wide world to see!


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20 thoughts on “Full time Living in a RV

  1. This is how we plan to retire. My husband and I always dreamed of this kind of lifestyle. We will one day! Thanks for the motivational article!

    1. Lance

      Awesome to hear! Hope you love it as much as I do!

  2. Lance, great article. My wife and I have thought about doing the full time living in the RV. We have friends that do this full time and loving it. As you said it takes a little adjustment and really wanting to do it. I agree that you have to have the right RV size and you will not be staying in the RV all day, you will be sightseeing and enjoying the outdoors. I like the idea that you mentioned that you could even get a part time job if needed. There are RV associations to cut your cost and travel with. At first we thought they were crazy when they sold their home and bought the RV, but now we see how much fun they are having. I hope you will write more as you travel.

    1. Lance

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Ron! It is a great lifestyle, more and more people are doing it these days, but still its not for everyone!

  3. This is such a beautiful and inspiring article over convenience and afforadablitiy towards traveling a new way instead of the typical way that can be very costly!

    Thank you for sharing this article!
    I look forward to more insight and great articles!

    1. Lance

      Thanks Joshua!
      I look forward to writing more, Thanks so much for reading 😀

  4. Thank for your interesting article. I have lived in a VW Kombi for 7 years. The trick is to follow the weather. North in winter, South in summer here in Australia. I now have a 4×4 van so we can get to more remote places.

    1. Lance

      Yep! following the weather and life’s perfect lol
      I would dig 4×4 van myself!

  5. Hey Lance, My wife and I and friends were just talking about this. How we would like to go traveling and living in an RV. It would be interesting but at the same time hard too. It would be an adventure for sure and exciting to meet new people and travel. That’s what we would like to do now that we are retired. I’m just very concerned about selling our house and cars to do this. It’s a huge step! Gives us something to think about. Thanks for the idea 🙂

    1. Lance

      It is a big step! If you really cant decide, many people rent a RV and do a trip for a few months to see if its something they would want to do full time! Before selling make sure your committed. But I cant recommend this lifestyle enough! I think its amazing!

  6. RV traveling seems so freeing. The people in my life are too busy, so if I were to do this I would probably be on my own. Thank you for providing some information on sustaining yourself while traveling full time because that is the main reason I have put it off. If I had the funds, I would be traveling way more than I do.

    1. Lance

      Unfortunately most people are to busy for many things and miss out in the end. Happy to help, hope you can travel more in the future if that’s what you want to do! 🙂

  7. Garen

    I wouldn’t mind traveling in an RV. However, I don’t want to live full-time in an RV, though. I have to have a home or I will go crazy.

    However, how do you claim your home on taxes, though? I mean you have to have a mailing address correct?

    1. Lance

      I can understand that lol RV living is not for everyone. I use my Dad’s house in Kansas as my “official” home address. As well as on my taxes. Good question, thanks for asking!

  8. tahani

    wow, that’s amazing!
    I always dreamed of living in RV since I was a kid.
    But now I really want to try it in traveling.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring article!
    I look forward to more awesome articles.

    1. Lance

      Thanks for reading and commenting tahani!
      I’ve also always been fascinated by RVs! Hope you get to travel to your hearts content!
      You can do anything friend!

  9. Hey Lance. Pretty cool. your article makes me want to start “workkamping” right now. Seems like you have covered all the bases. Questions I would have never thought of, but make total sense. Thanks to you this could be a lot of peoples future. Maybe even mine! Good luck and will keep track of your posts. Thanks.

    1. Lance

      Thanks for reading Steve! Happy to spread some info about this way of life!

  10. Dylan

    I love fulltime RV living in my Tioga! I’ve been at it a little over a year now!

    1. Lance

      Hey Dylan, Yeah I thought you had a Tioga. I want to move to a motorhome soon! Smaller Tioga would suit me!

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