Minimal Living, Improve Your Life

A great thing about travel is that you generally only take with you what you need to survive and the few most important things to you. This will cause you to to simplify your life and cause less stress while saving you money and also gaining freedom from material possessions! But you don’t have to travel to have these benefits of minimalism, you can start simplifying your life right now!

Let me just start by saying minimalist living is not for everyone. But If you can do it, I believe everyone could greatly benefit from it! You don’t have to go extreme and sell everything you own and go live in a tiny house, ANY kind of minimizing your current life style can provide many benefits! It can save you a lot of money and you will find it to be very refreshing, it can help reduce stress and improve your happiness, especially in the more and more hectic busy lifestyles many people have these days.


  • Having less material possessions to take up your time and keep you distracted and sometimes spend money to maintain these possessions. Minimizing will save you money and let you focus on what’s truly important to you.
  • Peace of mind. Clutter is chaos and order is calming. You will be more productive in a clean, orderly area with fewer distractions.
  • Save money and stop spending money on excess materials that aren’t truly benefiting your life!
  • “’Living simply allows others to simply live,”  Buying less will benefit the world and all in it. The less extra materials we need the fewer products we have to make and the less footprint each of us will leave on the planet. We’ve already exploited the earth to a dangerous level, each of us could do our part to help. Less clothes means fewer sweatshops, consuming fewer products reduces the growth of landfills or plastic islands in the ocean and living in a tiny house that needs less power means more space and natural resources for others.

Set a Goal

If you want to start reducing and simplifying your life, start with setting a reasonable goal for yourself. You want  something achievable that you’ll be able to stick with. Some people go all in, while others with many materials and world ties will find it much harder to start minimizing and stop buying new things. For me it was easy to cut down to the essentials and a few things for hobbies, I only need a few outfits and two pairs of shoes. For you it might be a long journey and that’s perfectly alright. Start small and don’t be to hard on yourself, if you truly want to minimize, keep trying and don’t give up!

Do you actually need it?

A good way to start minimizing your life is before you buy anything, ask yourself “do I really need this”, “is this something I really need to be happy and fulfilled with life?” Many of the things people buy are from habit or impulse, if you start by asking yourself these questions all the time, you’ll come to realize you don’t truly need most of the stuff you impulsively buy, and it will get easier and easier to stop.

Declutter! Learn to live with less.

This is obvious, nut it can be very hard. Get rid of stuff! donate things you obviously don’t need, then go from there. Put things you think you can live without in a certain place for a few months and see if you can do without them. If It’s not something you use in a few months, you don’t need it. As you strip material things away from yourself, keep reminding yourself that this will lead to a more simple, stress free life with more freedom. Start cutting out excess things like going to see the new movie right when it comes out. (Is it worth the money to see a movie right away? a little patience will pay off) skip the expensive coffee, cut back on eating out. See how these changes’ feel and go-slow.

REUSE Things!

Reusing things will save you money and help the planet. Use glass jars and containers to store food if you can, if you do have plastic baggies reuse them if you can. Learn to repair things yourself instead of replacing, use old clothes for fabric scraps etc. Save packaging to reuse. Be open and always thinking if something can be reused!

You can do it!

There are so many reasons to minimize your life, whether your is out of necessity because you want to full time travel or for peace of mind or maybe to de-stress and gain happiness, to limit distractions and focus on what’s important in your life, to save money or to help save the planet and sweatshop workers around the world. Stick with your goal, increase your goal and you’ll learn the benefits for yourself!


Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Minimal Living, Improve Your Life

  1. Hi Lance, Great article this is you are spot with we only need to take a few items with us however people are so into things that they don’t need they just take them so that they have them.

    1. Lance

      Thanks for reading Dave, yes our culture, especially in the west, is deluded into thinking more things = more happiness. It’s a shame.

  2. I love the Idea of decluttering, I’m gonna try it. My mom recently passed away. After living with me the last 8 months. The problem with that was I already had a house full myself. Lol, somethings as a woman I just can’t get rid of. But I plan on giving it my best try. I already use glass jars for storage. There great. And I’m recycling .thanks for this article it’s given me the push I needed to get it done.
    Blessings Scarlett

    1. Lance

      Hey Scarlett! I’m glad this post has help you a bit. You can do it, start small, I believe in you!

  3. Ivan Brozincevic


    Just recently I have moved into a new house and decided that I am not going to clutter the empty space if I don’t have to. The reasons were different. I wanted to save my decision energy for more important stuff. Of course, I wanted to save money as well. One of the reasons was to simplify the whole life by simplifying the house and it worked. My mind is more at peace because I don’t have so many distractions around me. Thank you for this great post! I like the website.

    1. Lance

      It’s amazing what less can do isn’t it?
      Thanks for reading and checking out the site Ivan!

  4. Thats really good piece of advice. People crave for a pompous lifestyle not giving them true happiness but just to have a false sense of security and ego. You have given valid reasons to live a minimalistic lifestyle which in the long run will give pleasure as well as have utilised less resources off nature. I liked the concept of re-using stuff as well.

    1. Lance

      Perfectly stated.
      Thanks Rudolph!

  5. Minimal living is hard at first but I have found that once people have actually gone “out there”, whether it’s RV’ing, tent camping, or road tripping in a small van, they get it! The simple life is a happy life. I always love getting into nature and losing the “crap” and finding “myself”.
    And a huge shout out to the saving money aspect!!!!! That means more traveling and living.

    1. Lance

      You got it Chris!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. I do approve of a minimalist lifestyle, and I ain’t a materialist. I prefer to have experiences rather than stuff, which is in a nutshell what you are saying. What I am interested in is where do you draw the line? What do you think is the happy medium?

    1. Lance

      Hey Mark, thanks for commenting. The happy medium is going to be different for each person. ANY amount of less “things” I believe can help anyone in a number of ways.

  7. Hey, I do agree with you as having many material possession causes you to focus on the material things most of the time. So if you really try to get rid of some of them you will better off. Great article

    1. Lance

      Thanks for reading!

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