RV Must Have Items

There are many tools and gadgets that can help us while RV camping and also can help save us money! After 2 years of full time RVing myself, this is my short list of RV must have items. So whether your just starting to RV or your a veteran, here are some items you may have not thought of, Check it out!

Solar Panels!

Without a doubt the most useful addition to your RV, Solar panels! It’s pretty obvious why, with panels installed you don’t have to worry about being plugged in to shore power to have electricity for your rig. Power your laptops, phones, everything, all you need is some sun!

The initial cost of installing a good panel system with good power may seem a bit high. ($600 on the lower end). If you use your RV often however, the saved cost of not relying on shore power will quickly pay off the cost of the panels!

For more information on Solar panels, how they work and my suggested panels, Feel free to click over to my article here!

Mobile Hotspots & WiFi Signal Booster

Having internet on the road is ideal! There’re many places to find free internet but the signal may be weak if your trying to get that internet in your RV (apposed to taking your laptop into a coffee shop or something for some internet). Even RV parks will have included WiFi but the signal is generally much too weak to reach your RV. WiFi Signal boosters are devices that you plug into your RV and it will boost the WiFi signal for you, and the WiFi will reach your devices from a farther distance with a stronger signal.

for an example of a WiFi booster, the NETGEAR AC750 is a good option, check it out here!

Having a good amount of data on your phone plan is a really great way to have internet no matter where your are.(as long as your have cell service that is) You can use your phone for browsing etc, but sometimes you just need your laptop or tablet. Having a mobile hot spot on your phone or buying a hot spot device will create a network using cellular data that your can connect your laptop/tablet to! Unlimited data plans and Hotspot devices can get pricey, but if you really depend on having internet, these are must haves!

Learn more about finding internet on your travels and more information about these devices here!

Mini Propane Heater

We all need to stay warm, and it can get cold anywhere out of no where! We stayed a winter in the Arizona desert and while it’s great enjoyable weather by day, when the sun went down it’s another story! Brrrr!

Another absolute must have for us is a mini propane heater! The big on board RV heater was loud, the fans were power hungry and over all much less efficient! The propane heater is fast working and much cheaper to use then the big on board heater. It uses no power, only propane. It’s small and portable so your can keep it in the room/area your in. If staying warm is important to you, consider one of these little heaters! They truly are amazing!

I would suggest the Buddy heater models, Here’s a review on the Buddy heaters if your want to read more!

Many More!

  • Pour over coffee maker
    Everyone love coffee right? (or tea!) No power required for this coffee maker, simply boil water, then pour, great way to save on power and space since they are the size of a mug no clunky coffee maker taking up that valuable space! great for making one cup of coffee, not ideal if your want to make a few cups at a time however.
  • Walkie Talkies 
    Very useful for when your have no service and can still communicate with your traveling partner if say, one is on a hike. Or useful for parking in tricky spots to have a spotter outside that can communicate with you. If you get lost or stranded somewhere a walkie-talkie could find you someone to help as well!

  • LED light bulbs
    Change all your regular RV lights with LEDs, this will save you a ton of power! LEDs use so little power compared to what any older RV will have installed. Check em out here.
  • Custom shower head
    Great tool for saving a lot of water while showering! Some of these slow flow shower heads are amazing and you don’t even notice that it’s using less water! Check out this one here!
  • Leveling Blocks
    The ground out camping is rarely flat, or anywhere for that matter! Its much nicer to sleep and cook when you can get your rig nice and level. If you have a propane fridge, your gonna need to be as level as possible! Propane fridges need to stay level while running or it will cause damage to the fridge pretty quickly! The one big flaw of propane fridges! Get you leveling blocks here.
  • Battery Banks
    Having a few battery banks, like this one, that your can charge up full when your have excess power is great for charging devices on the rainy days when your struggling for power from the sun! Having a few of these has saved me a number of times!
  • Fans
    USB powered mini fans are great when it’s a bit hot in the rig. Battery powered USB fans are my favorite, no cord so they’re portable, can position them on your face whenever your sitting!
  • Cast Iron Skillet
    Having a Cast Iron Skillet can cut down on a lot of other kitchen pans that will take up space. A non-stick pan is also ideal, much easier to wash, save your limited water supply!
  • Reflectix
    This reflective material will keep your rig much cooler on the hot days! Or help keep the heat in. Get a razor blade and cut the material to fit each window.
  • Composting Toilet
    Though I haven’t had one yet I love the idea of the composting toilet. Not having to use a big dump tank to collect your waste would be wonderful! Not having to dump that stinky tank and the save on gas for not having to drive around with all that waste weight would be well worth installing a composting toilet! Buying one of this is unfortunately very expensive. There are however cheaper options, such as making your own! This is what I plan on doing in the future and I will have an article about it.
  • Organizers
    Clothes organizers, door organizers, these things are great for creating more space for all your junk! We have one on both doors, both closets and some of the food cabinets as well. It would be complete chaos without them!


This is just a few items that can make your RVing experience easier and more enjoyable! Take it from me, most of these things I didn’t start with, I figured out along the way what items were useful and what were just a waste of space!

Let me know what you think of my list, what would you add? Leave me a comment below!


Thanks for reading friends! – Lance




7 thoughts on “RV Must Have Items

  1. Dylan

    Hey Lance, Great list, as a full timer myself, I have most of this items! cant think of anything to add at the moment either!

    1. Lance

      Thanks! good to see ya back Dylan!

  2. Michael

    Hi Lance,
    A very comprehensive list of must have items for your RV.
    I have been considering getting an RV for a while now as I love to travel around and be outdoors a lot.
    Driving around the country in an RV would be brilliant as you can stop where you want and explore many amazing places.
    Your list has given me a head start in planning what I would need to put in and on the RV to make things more comfortable and also save space.
    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. Lance

      Thanks Michael, hope to see you get out on the road one day!

  3. Hi Lance 🙂 I always wanted to go RVing. I had a trailer that was stationery. But I’d like to travel.
    I think you’ve got a very extensive list here of what you would need and it makes sense.
    I would have never thought of solar panels. Great idea!
    The WiFi is a great idea because you never know where you’re going to wind up and how the connection is. You seem to know everything there is to know about traveling in an RV. Are these things expensive to buy?

  4. Matiss

    Hey, Lance!

    Thank you for the article, it was truly insightful for me.
    At this time, we’re planning to do a vacation with a rented RV, so adding solar panels probably won’t be a good fit, but certainly there were elements we could definitely use. For example, we’ll be also encountering deserts, battery banks will also come in handy.

    Again, thank you! And have a Great One!

  5. This is great! I love the idea of using solar panels for your RV, we are all becoming more eco-friendly nowadays so this is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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