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Looking to get into RV travel? There’s much to learn and research before you start your new RV adventure, actually, the research is part of the adventure! So don’t worry, it may seem a bit daunting at first but you got this! I’ve put together a list of tips great for beginner RVers, but this is just the start!


Yep, consume information. A lot of it. You’ve already started your research that’s why your here on this page I assume, so good job! Your gonna have to read and watch as much about the RV lifestyle as you can, there’s always more questions to be answered. So go look around, get a lot of peoples different opinions until you feel you know enough to really get started.

At the same time, don’t over research for years and put off actually just DOING it! This is a problem I see with a lot of people, at a certain point you just have to jump into it! A lot will still be learned along the way. Check out more of my site and take it from there. Want to learn about places to camp for free? Click here. Want to travel for a long period and possibly make money while doing it? Check out my mobile jobs post over here, or this one here. Learn more about Solar Panels, or generators, or find out how to have internet on the road, There’s much to consider before heading out!

Rent First?

If your really not sure if RVing is something you really want to invest in, consider renting a RV for a trip first. See how the RV life feels to you, get comfortable driving a possibly big RV around. Maybe you thought you wanted a big RV but than realize you would rather save gas and have something easier to drive. Or the other way around, you planned on something small but after renting you realize you need more space! See this post about choosing the right RV.

There’re many reasons to consider renting or possibly borrowing a friends RV for a lengthy trip before you commit to buying anything!

You need less than you think.

Just because all that stuff you think you need can physically fit into your RV, doesn’t mean you need half of it! While being prepared is good, people generally try to bring much more than they need than your stuck with a bunch of unneeded stuff taking up space. I would suggest just taking mostly the essentials and you can also pick up stuff as you need it. My first big RV trip we brought all this stuff we thought we needed, then ended up having to get rid of a lot of it.

If you want to read more about having less, and the many benefits that come with it check out this article:Minimal Living, Improve your life.

Having said that, check out my list of RV essentials that I believe ARE things you are going to want and use regularly.

Slow and Steady now.

When first getting into RVing, just take it slow. To avoid accidents, drive slow and use caution, RVs are big and not meant to be driven fast. Not only in driving but generally just slow down, enjoy things more, a lot of times vacations can be ruined if you feel rushed like you need to see as much as possible in the time you have. You end up not enjoying what you do see and do if your always thinking about time and getting to the next destination. Enjoy the moment as it comes.

Know your measurements!

The physical measurements of your RV, most importantly your height! All bridges say the clearance height, you want to measure and know exactly if your going to fit under a bridge. I’ve seen plenty of ruined RV’s on RV groups. This is mostly only a problem on the East Coast. In all my time in the west I’ve never come across a bridge to low, but you never know. The east has older and lower bridges though, so if your in the east or headed that way you’ll want to make sure you know your height. Write it down on a sticky note if you must and put in on your dashboard.

Storage Tanks/Conserve.

Know how big your tanks are. You have a fresh water tank, a gray tank and a black tank. Most RVs are going to have a way to read how full each tank is but if your RV is older (like mine) these measurement sensors are… Not accurate. Know how full they are and try to keep track of how much you use etc, this will help in planning your moves. Be conservative of the water you use, and how much is going into your gray tank. If your not careful your gray tank can get full before your black and that’s inconvenient

While we’re talking about tanks lets talk about the fresh tank for a minute, clean your fresh tank. It may not be very fresh at all. Especially if you have an older RV, I don’t use my fresh tank for any drinking water, only dishes and showers and I would still clean it. For drinking water I use a big 7 gallon jugs and several one gallon jugs that can be refilled with good drinking water from glacier machines and many groceries stores.

Roadside Service.

Get it. Get some roadside service, the most popular are AAA and Good Sam. I’ve had to use AAA a couple times, I had a belt brake on me in the middle of Arizona, and I’m so glad AAA was just a phone call away, they towed my rig for over 50 miles that day. I’ve had AAA and Good Sam. I believe AAA is good but Good Sam is cheaper. Good Sam also has unlimited tows while AAA has only so many allowed a year. Do your research on different services but make sure you get something. The peace of mind knowing you can be rescued if you need it is priceless. Especially if you have an older rig you’ll want this!

Just the Beginning.

I could make this post twice as long or longer. There are so many tips I could put here, this is just a few things to consider for your journey. So do your research, but don’t hold off forever, at some point you need to just get out there and start RVing!



See you on the road! -Lance

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4 thoughts on “Tips for RV Travel

  1. Marvin

    Hi Lance, Nice RV guide you have put together. My partner and I are looking at picking up an RV in the next couple of years and there are a few things here that I didn’t think of.

    1. Lance

      Awesome, glad my post could maybe help a bit. I’m sure you’ll love the RV life!

  2. Great post with lots of great tips!

    I would love to travel North America in an RV, but have no idea how long that would take.

    Do you find that you want to spend more time in places that you travel to than you intended? Or less time? Or do you just choose a time period and do what you can in the time that you have? Is it better to break up a big trip like this into chunks?

    I hope that you do not mind me picking your brain lol.

    1. Lance

      Hey Irma, thanks for reading!
      We usually end up staying places longer, but the way we travel the only real concern is weather and stopping to make money. We like the freedom of not having much of a time scale to stay places. If we like the area, then we’ll stay longer. Weather and money allowing of course lol.

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